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Aislyn Technologies Pvt Ltd Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. US5608413A - Frequency-selective antenna with different signal

The design of hexagonal shaped patch antenna with a narrow slot for wireless local area network (WLAN) is reported here. The slot oriented at 45 0 , in order to achieve left-hand circular polarization (LHCP). 1 | Extremely High Frequency | Antenna (Radio) In this single band antenna design shows a new H slot and E slot loaded on the patch. UHF Broadband TV Slot Antenna from AlanDick Broadcast Limited. The Prostar UHF Broadband TV Slot Antenna is available for combined Analog & Digital applications. Call us now for more information and a quote. Microsoft Word - str_1025-1032

Double u-slot rectangular patch antenna. Electronics Letters.Aneesh, JA Ansari. Slots and Notches Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication. TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering.

The aim of this A Practical Miniaturized U-Slot Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth project is to design a coaxially fed rectangular U-slot strip patchHigh Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) tool is used to implement this ECE project. Symmetric and Asymmetric U-slot micro strip patch antennas... Antena Mikrostrip Patch e –Slot Double Layer Array 2 Elemen Antena Microstrip For 5G Generation by ahmad5firdausi-1 An Overview on Defected Ground Structure in Aspect of An Overview on Defected Ground Structure in Aspect of Microstrip Patch Antenna - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Paper Title An Overview on Defected Ground Structure in Aspect of Microstrip Patch … Contoh Ringkasan Tugas Akhir | Antenna (Radio

Compact double U-Slots Patch Antenna for Mobile WiMAX ...

The design of a seven-band stacked patch antenna for the C, X and Ku band is presented. The antenna consists of an H-slot loaded fed patch, stacked with dual U-slot loaded rectangular patch to generate the seven frequency bands. The total size of the antenna is 39.25 × 29.25 mm 2. The multiband ... Multi-Band U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna with Defective ... double U-slot patch antenna, double-C patch antennas, and E-shape patch antennas which provide excellent bandwidths. For the past decades, the microstrip, slot, and stacked patch antennas have been used to implement multi-band. This paper presents the multi-band U-slot microstrip patch antenna cover (3.49- A 28-GHz U-slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Applications Abstract— In this study, a 28-GHz U-slot rectangular microstrip patch antenna for 5G Applications is proposed. The U-slot antenna concept has been used in patch antenna designed to reduce antenna size.The U-slot patch antenna structure consists of a patch, U-shaped slot, a ground plane and coaxial feed lines. DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF DOUBLE U SLOT LOADED DUAL FREQUENCY ... with small frequency ratio were designed by using the U slot in a wideband microstrip antenna [3]. Dual frequency operation is achieved by introducing half U slot in a semicircular disk patch antenna [4]. A few designs by using U slot in getting the dual frequency and circular polarization were widely discussed in [5{11]. In this work, a double ...

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Double U-slots patch antenna for tri-band wireless… Double U-Slots Patch Antenna for Tri-BandWireless Systems. Hattan F. AbuTarboush,1 R. Nilavalan,1 D. Budimir,2 H. S. Al-Raweshidy1.ABSTRACT: A compact microstrip patch antenna with two U-slots shape is presented.Detailed simulation and experimental investigation are conducted... Design of Elliptical Patch Antenna with Single & Double … Parameters Single U-Slot Double U-Slot Operating 10GHz 10GHz Frequency Return loss 6.30GHz at -11 dB 4.6 to 6.25 GHz.Table 1. Comparison between single U-slot and double U-slot Below figures are the results of elliptical patch antenna with single U-slot. | Double U-Shaped Slots Loaded Stacked Patch Antenna… Keywords: H-Shape Fed Patch, Microstrip Patch Antenna, Double U-Shape Slot Loaded Stacked Patch, Multiband Antenna.The multiband stacked patch antenna is studied and designed using IE3D simulator. For verification of simulation results, the antenna is analyzed by circuit theory concept.

width of the longer slot are 0.3cm and 0.05cm respectively. The length and width of the shorter slot are 0.1 and 0.05 respectively. The diameter of the feed is 0.05cm and the hieght is 0.16cm.The proposed antenna has three resonant modes and having a maximum gain of 8.4 Dbi. Design of U Slot Patch Antenna for Wi-max and Radar

Modified Double U Slot Penta Band Microstrip Antenna for ... A slot planar patch antenna is designed, simulated and fabricated to operate at 2.8 GHz (from 2.794 to 2.846 GHz), at 3.1 GHz (from 3.145 to 3.196 GHz), at 3.6 GHz (from 3.56 to 3.3644 GHz), at 4.7 GHz (from 4.684 to 4.772 GHz) and at 5.4 GHz (from 5.423 to 5.526 GHz) for WiMAX/LTE and WLAN applications according to return loss simulation results.

The U-slot patch antenna is versatile antennas that because of its features like wide bandwidth, multi-band resonance and the ease of achieving different polarizations. This research first investigated the u-slot patch antenna, its features and capabilities. Second a CAD optimization to